charitable donations

During our twenty one years the Orphean Singers have made donations to many local and international charities.  By 2005 we had made donations of cash and equipment totalling CY£25176.  This included a kidney dialysis machine given to the Paphos General Hospital.  The first donation was in 1992, a sum of CY£1000.  To date donations raised by the Orphean Singers of either money or equipment is now in excess of €66,500. 

Some of the recipients include;

Paphos General hospital – Orthopaedic chairs, a kidney dialysis machine, a heart monitor and various cash donations.

Total value approximately €30,000

Other recipients include the Friends Hospice, St Michael’s Hospice, Polis Animal Rescue, The Alma nursery, The Mari Fund, Alzheimers Association of Paphos, HOPE,  Margarita Liasidou Home, The Samaritans, Red Cross, Save the Children Fund, the Autistic Centre, Cyprus Veterans Association, Paphos Cancer Patients Support Group, Pharos Trust, Paphiakos, PAWS, the Paphos Blind, the Jubilee Sailing Trust, Paphos and Polis funds for needy families and a number of one off donations.