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Come and Join Us
Please Email us and one of the commitee will contact you and arrange to welcome you.

When do you have rehearsals?
We have choir practice every Friday morning 9.30- 12.30, with a coffee break between 11.00-11.30. Occasionally, we have twice weekly rehearsals, particularly running up to concerts. We usually have a break from singing during July and most of August.

Where are the rehearsals held?
Most rehearsals are held at the Kamares Club in Tala, occasionally we use St Stephen Church, Stephanie Hill for split practices leading up to concerts.

What happens at my first rehearsal?
Just come along and enjoy yourself. If you’re unsure of your musical ability, please don’t worry.  You may be asked by the conductor to sing a few chords to determine the section of the choir in which he feels you are best suited. (This is very informal…please don’t be put off).  The choir is divided into five sections – Bass, Tenor, Alto, First & Second Sopranos.

When are the concerts held?
Our concerts take place three times a year in April, October and December.

What Requirements do I need to join the Orphean Singers?   The main requirement is to have a love of singing and a reasonable commitment to attend weekly rehearsals. As the concert date gets closer you may be asked to attend extra rehearsals.

Do I need to be able to read music?
It is an advantage to read music, but not necessary. You can learn your part by following the lead of other members of your section, there’s always someone to help you. You will soon pick up some musical knowledge. All members are helped by being directed to music links via YouTube and webpages of the music for each concert.

What music will I sing?
With a wide and constantly evolving repertoire, our performances throughout a year are likely to include classical pieces, music from the films, shows and Carols at our Christmas Concerts. There is always something new to learn and it never gets boring! Our music is varied and we do believe in challenging ourselves!

What will it cost me?
There is no joining fee.  The cost of membership is 90 euro a year which can be paid monthly. Music scores and other items may occasionally cost extra.

Do you meet socially?
Apart from the 30 minutes coffee break during rehearsal, some members occasionally go for lunch after rehearsals. You will be made welcome to join them. The choir enjoys a social get together and meal twice a year. We have a raffle on the last Friday of each month during the coffee break. Tickets are 2 Euro, which goes to charity. Charitable Donations. All members are asked to bring a prize if they so wish, it's not compulsory.

What do I wear for concerts?
Men wear black jacket, trousers and shoes for all concert performances. Shirt/Tie/Bow tie may vary according to the requirements of the conductor. Ladies: Long Black Skirt to ankles. Black Shoes, Long white sleeved, (no frills) blouse with a collar. Minimal jewellry and make up, depending on the concert and requirements of the conductor. 

Will I enjoy it?
Yes, I’m sure you will! There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration one feels when singing four part harmony in front of an audience. We have fun days out together performing concerts in Paphos, Nicosia and Limassol. At Easter 2015 many of the choir members travelled to Vienna to perform in Stephansdom. We all agreed it was the high point of our singing- so far! Just come and give it a try, you are under no obligation; we hope you will want to join our friendly group.

To take the next step or to make an enquiry. email here